Interview – Johan Persson

Johan Persson, born and raised in Orsa in the north part of Sweden, works as a salesman for Five Seasons. He is a dedicated skier and loves the nature and outdoor life.

This year shooting took place in Stockholm where Johan lives and works. We took the opportunity to sit down with Johan to discuss the AW 17 collection and discuss why customers should buy Five Seasons products.

Favourite product in the collection?

Difficult to pick just one. In the ski collection, I would like to highlight the Revelstoke jacket and Banff pants. Nice look and design with good technical features. My favourite in the heritage collection would be the Tage jacket.

Best place to ski?

In Sweden I Iike the Funas mountains just six to seven hours drive from Stockholm. Otherwise it is always fun to ski in the Alps.

How is Living in Stockholm?

I like Stockholm. It’s a beautiful and vibrant city. Best part is that you can easily combine a true nature experience with the city life. A good mix.

Why should customers buy Five Seasons products?

Five Seasons is a company under constant development. We have really good design and high quality products combined with good prices.