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Five Seasons Expedition collection is for skiers who fear nothing. The garments are designed to perform in all weathers with a big focus on quality and functionality. The collection is inspired by the Northern countries; feature packed with a feeling of timeless design. For you back country and the powder snow will feel like second nature. Bold colours inspirit, fabrics and fit promotes movement and performance.

Collection aw17


Five Seasons Arctic line is for uncompromising sports people looking for colour and style with street influence. The Arctic line is designed both for the tough conditions in the North of Sweden as well as the sunny slopes in the Alps. The details are well thought out to be both practical and fashionable. Wearing Five Seasons you will feel protected in deep powder and stylish in the après ski.

Collection aw17


Five Seasons was born in 1982 but our heritage goes back to 1888, when our family made winter jackets for the Swedish army. We know what keeps you warm in rough weather and we design our jackets with that knowledge. The Gothenburg weather is a daily reminder that we cannot compromise on quality. Cold winds are kept at bay with a new range of textural basics and the revival of our melange, textured and neutral fabrics. Choosing Urban Heritage you will feel at home both in the city and deep in the forest seeking new adventures. 

Collection aw17


In Five Seasons Junior and Mini collection Skihero you will find everything needed to keep the kids comfortable. From jackets with all features a ski jacket needs to street jackets that keeps you warm and yet not restrain you from being an active youngster.


Development not only within design, also within fabrics

We work with 32 different fabrics which we divide into 7 categories.

Waterproof / Windproof / Water repellent / Stretch /
High breathability / Insulation / Cotton