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Summer in Chamonix

Winter is usually the scene for the legendary alpine town of Chamonix in France. We love it there then, but this time we wanted to discover a different season:

It’s fascinating to be in a place you’ve come to know when covered in white. Seeing it bare and naked brings a completely other experience. The view of the grandios mountains and scenery is altered. Walking up where you’ve previously thundered down on white fluffy pow gives you a moment to reflect on what an extreme and wild pleasure that is.

“… every season has it’s wonder.”

Now we’re sweating as we make our way over jagged rocks and weave ourselves across classic slopes in this dormant winter paradise. Every winter season thousands of skiers and snowboarders from across the world come here in a sort of pilgrimage to prove themselves worthy on the steep faces. But summer is not vacant. Summers in Chamonix are filled with hikers, climbers, cyclists and many more, looking to experience warm thrills. We see and know why; every season has it’s wonder.