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Lofoten, Norway

A vast landscape of sea and mountains, situated well above the arctic circle – Lofoten in Norway is a place created from dreams. 
We packed our {insert jacket name} and {insert pant name}, grabbed our camping gear and took the sleeper train from Stockholm. The soft muffled sound of the train sweeping over the tracks ushered us asleep. 

Mountains and sharp peaks appearing in front of us, crystal clear waters beneath us, and sun soaked grass under our feet. Seemingly not touching the ground. As if soaring, lifted up and over the valleys. Melting on a tongue of rock. Rays beaming like stairways to heaven. Windy waves on the gleaming fabric of our jackets. Drops of water like pearls on our pants.  

We find ourselves on a beach below. Sun setting with a misty haze. Peering at the horizon, where ocean waves have travelled from afar. What do they carry with them? 
Our tent. Our home. On a beach sheltered by rocky giants. We listen to the waves as they roll in with sounds of hope. 
Then we wake – rolling in to the central station in Stockholm, unsure if we ever made it to Norway – or if it was all a dream?

“Was it all a dream?”

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