Interview – Ane H. Foldøy

Where are you from? I am from Sand in Ryfylke which is located southwest in Norway. This place is often referred to as “The pearl of Ryfylke”.

Why do you love being outdoor? I love being outdoor due to the energy which is created from being out in the nature. I also get creative when I am hiking in the mountains. Often I find solutions to challenges in my mind being outdoors.

Favorite product in the collection? Definitely the Rendl padded jacket. I am really looking forward wearing this both in the mountains for hiking/skiing, but also for the everyday life.

Best place to ski? I would say that the best place I have skied in Norway must be in Lyngen, Troms in Northern Norway. It is a bit far away, but I try to get one trip up north each year. Best ski-experience abroad I will have to mention Niseko in the Hokkaido area north in Japan. It felt like a dream waking up to such quality powder-snow every day.

Best place to hike? My mum who is really enjoying the mountains is originally from Møre & Romsdal, north-west in Norway by the coast. We have therefore enjoyed many great hikes in this particularly area which is highly recommended.

How is Living in Stavanger? I am currently living in Sand since my job is located here. This is a great place to live if you are a nature enthusiast. Here you will find many good opportunities. This place is located close to the sea & the mountains. It is only a couple of minutes away from great hiking & skiing experiences. Especially if you are seeking peace from the busy city-life, this is an ideal place to live.


Why should customers buy Five Seasons products? I have been familiar with the brand Five Seasons in many years since my father is selling this brand in his store, MX-Sport Raglamyr, on the west-coast of Norway. People should buy these products since they are quality clothes despite the reasonable price. Also, the new collection contain great clothes with many fresh colors that I believe many people will enjoy.