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This means that we care about People, no matter if you work for Five Seasons, with Five Seasons or is a world citizen. We strive to make all people feel that Five Seasons stands for a long-term commitment, with focus on humanity and equal rights. We follow the UN supplier code of conduct, which is voluntary international corporate citizenship network. The code is initiated to support the participation of both the private sector and other social actors to advance corporate responsibility, and social and environmental principles to meet the challenges of globalization. Five Seasons makes clothes for active people and we always encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and to take care of each other.
•                     Code of conduct
•                     REACH
•                     UN SUPPLIER CODE OF CONDUCT
•                     SOS children village
•                     Doctors without boarders
•                     Instead of giveaway we donate money


We also care about the Planet. We aim to be as efficient and ECO friendly as possible in our daily work. As a base for laws and regulations, Five Seasons ambitions is to follow the REACH regulations to minimize and exclude the use of dangerous chemicals. Moreover We are not using any phthalate on our fabric and since the 1st of January 2017 we are only using Rudolf – BIONIC FINISH ECO.  BIONIC FINISH ECO it up to date the most sustainable (water, dirt and oil resistant) treatment of garment there is on the market.  We work continuously with different initiatives to minimize the use of energy, water and social inequalities. Five Seasons does not own any factories and all our partners are carefully selected to match our strict requirement of code of conducts. A contract they need to sign before we engage any business collaboration and followed up by personal inspections. Our suppliers are also member of BCSI. Furthermore most of our production is actually harder controlled due to we have many large Swiss & Norwegian customers with harder regulations  than EU-standards.

  • Reparikit /  Act as an owner
  • Recycle and reuse
  • Washlabel – take care of your garment
  • Mobile office – print less
  • Claims


All these initiatives we do however do with Profit in mind, not only ours, it is equally important that the customer, suppliers, end-users also see a profit in using our clothes and products. Not only monetary terms but also for themselves or others and for the planet.



Act and measure

In order to know if we are doing the right things we measure ourselves. We have clear goals, hence it is easy to do follow up. If we notice that we are far off or if the initiatives that we are doing is not leading anywhere then we act!

Repair and care

We want our products to be used, carefully but actively! We know that when using, washing and tearing on garments it might eventually break, or get a scratch. First of all we then want our customer to fix it, either through a sewing kit at home or by contacting our help desk. We always keep spare parts at our warehouse and we have good contact with sewers who can help to a good price. If it is too broken, which might happen after several years of actively using it, then we recommend to leave the garment at a proper recycling box so that the garment can get a second life.