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Five Seasons was established in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast in 1982. A place known for it’s shifting weather and pronounced seasons. Growing up here has made us ready for an array of conditions – wind and sun, snow and ice, and plenty of rain.
Each season brings it’s unique experience and we thrive on exploring every facet of the continuos cycle – living for the moments when we find something new, when we discover something we hadn’t known or experienced before.
Perhaps even discovering a fifth season?.

Our heritage dates back to 1888 when Per Persson launched the leather brand S. P. Persson in Malung, Sweden. Per was an exceptionally talented businessman who managed to transform the leather industry by owning both factories and shops at the most prominent addresses in Stockholm and Gothenburg.
S. P. Persson became an important vendor to the Royal Court of Sweden and one of the largest suppliers of uniforms to the Swedish Armed Forces. It was with
this heritage in mind that Per Persson’s great grandson, Gunnar Johansson,
founded Five Seasons. His vision was to become Europe’s leading supplier of ski
and sports clothing, offering high quality and excellent value clothes Five Seasons remains a family business, that still fosters the heritage of excellence that Per Persson established. Aiming to offer best value for money. Functional and fashionable clothes for all seasons.

Remember that misty spring morning? Or watching the sun set behind those white pearly mountain tops?
We want everyone to have the ability to discover the novel beauty of the shifting seasons. Those unforgettable moments in nature with family and friends.
It is our goal to offer the market’s best design, quality, fitting and functional product, at an affordable price for the purpose of lifelong discovery and treasured memories.

We pride ourselves with taking
ownership of our products, from the
drawing table to the sourcing of fabrics
– making sure the finished product is
everything we want it to be.

The Five Flow
From idea to product.

Anything great is only realised through
a series of steps. Creating many of our
products from scratch has urged us to
establish a process that we refer to as
the ‘Five Flow’.
It enables our whole team to have an
overarching backbone, making us more
streamlined and able to turn out ideas to
finished product.

We firmly believe in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and always strive to maintain and develop an earth-friendly, sustainable business model.
We follow the UN supplier code of conduct, which is voluntary international corporate network. The code is initiated to support the participation of both the private sector and other social actors to advance corporate responsibility, and social and environmental principles to meet the challenges of globalization.
We aim to be as efficient and ECO friendly as possible in our daily work – following the REACH regulations to minimize and exclude the use of dangerous chemicals. We work continuously with different initiatives to minimize the use of energy, water and social inequalities. All our partners are carefully selected to match our strict requirement and codes of conduct. All suppliers need to sign a contract before we engage any business collaboration – and we frequently follow up by personal inspections.