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Privacy policy

What is our Privacy Policy?

We are following GDPR. GDPR is The Data Protection Act requirements on how we collect and handle information about you as a customer to NORRSKEN Jackets.

Nor do we share information with third parties unless it is necessary to be able to deliver to you.

How do we use your personal information?


Social Security Number

We will only process your social security number when motivated for the purpose, such as when you place an order online. Usage may also occur when it is necessary for safe identification or if there is another rational reason.


Orders / Purchases

To handle your order and purchase online, we will need to store some of your personal information As your name, social security number, contact/billing/delivery details, and payment information. This information will be saved during completion of the purchase and and thereafter only for the purpose of handling any complaints or warranty matters.


Customer Service

To provide you with relevant customer service, we will need to store some of your personal information during the process of your service errand. Including name, contact/delivery details, order history, and case-specific information.


Competitions, Benefits, and Offers

To handle your benefit, offers and participation in competitions and events we will need to store some of your personal information. This may include name, age, order history, and contact/delivery details. We will keep this information to improve your experience until you ask us to delete your data.


For how long do we save your personal information?

We will never save your personal information longer than is necessary for each purpose. You will see more about the specific storage periods for each purpose above.


What rights do you have?

You have the right to request a registry extract and take part of the information about you which we have saved. If you want to change any information about you, our customer support will gladly do that for you. Such a request may occur if, for example, when the data is incorrect. You can also request that we delete the information that we have saved about you if the information is no longer necessary for purchase or service compilation.